Part Name:Z1

Features an “outrigger” support that prevents clamp tilting when tightening

No edge pressure prevents hose damage or gouging

Housing saddle is not welded or riveted, lays flat on inside of band

Band is embossed, is smoothed off and has raised edges to prevent damaging the hose

Asymmetrical body

Even distribution of force

Clamp head does not tilt away during tightening

Smooth / indented strap interior, round edges

Prevents injury and hose damage



Fuel line systems

Lines carrying air

Cooling water / Heating

General retainer / Fastener

The off-centered cradle prevents tilting of the clamp when tightening, thus preventing hose damage.

The outer edge support directs the end of the clamp away from the head of the screw during tightening.

Short saddle, without welds or rivets fits snugly within the clamp, giving uniform pressure over the entire contact area of the clamp.

Embossed clamp band and rounded elevated edges prevent any damage to the hose surface.